Message from our President: Jim Wathen, P.E., P.L.S.
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It is an honor to serve as President of the Omaha Post. I am very excited to begin the year with a great team of officers and committee chairs. We are facing a few challenges as we embark to implement the strategic plan mapped out in the past few months. However, with a strong tradition of accomplishment at the Omaha Post, I plan to continue to enlist the dedicated members to improve on that success.

I would like to thank COL Joel Cross and the 2013-2014 Board and Committees for their efforts including a strong finish at Industry Day. COL Cross is a great leader and I admire and thank him for his service to our great nation and to the Omaha Post over the past year.

I am excited about the future of the Post and look forward to working with the 2014-2015 board and committee members to continue the tradition of capable leaders. I hope to get to know more folks and see great programs and possibly uncover a few new ideas during the coming year. I challenge each member of the Post to get involved and help us improve and prosper.

Speaking to the current membership, we are looking for feedback. We hope to identify ways for the sustaining member firms to get more return on investment. We also encourage you to take a turn and do a Sustaining Member Spotlight – 3 minutes of fame! These spotlights can make a difference in developing partnerships and business opportunities.

To me, all endeavors can be summed up by the following thought – what you gain will be in direct proportion to what you give. It is my belief that the Society of Military Engineers has much to offer the membership. The SAME mission states, “To provide education and support to the engineering components of the military and uniformed services and other federal, state and local government agencies responsible for the nation’s infrastructure, and to advance the partnership between government and the architecture, engineering and construction industry in the interest of national security.” We have the opportunity in Omaha to realize this mission in proportion to how our membership embraces it and my experience is that we do it well.

Thank you for the honor and opportunity of serving as President of the Omaha Post. Have a safe and enjoyable rest of the summer!

Jim Wathen, P.E., P.L.S.
Omaha Post President

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E-WEEK Banquet


Strategic Air & Space Museum
28210 West Park Hwy
Ashland, Nebraska 68003
6:00 PM – Social Hour (Cash Bar)
7:00 PM – Banquet & Speaker
Dennis Pate
Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and
Aquarium African Grasslands
Sponsored by the Engineers Roundtable Download the Registration Form Here:

Interactive PDF Form
(Use this link to fill the form out electronically and then print.)

(Use this link to print the form first and then fill it out with a pencil or pen.)
National Engineers Week

Board Meeting
Field Club
10:30 AM
General Membership Meeting
Field Club
11:30 AM
Larry Cieslik, HDR, and an OPPD Representative
Ft Calhoun Flood Planning
*Dates subject to change.
2015 Industry Day

Student Chapter Update!

The UNO SAME Student Chapter hosted a AutoCAD 3D Competition February 23rd...

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Winter 2014 / 2015
Black Hills Post Field Chapter!

In October 2009, the Black Hills Post was integrated as a Field Chapter into the Omaha Post. With the addition of four new Sustaining Member firms and 23 members, our Post membership now stands at 79 Sustaining Member firms and more than 500 individual members!

In Memory of Doug Plack

Please Contribute to the Doug Plack Memorial Scholarship Fund!

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Professional Development Hours

There are numerous ways to earn your required PDHs through SAME including our monthly lunches. Another great way is to become a Student Mentor for one of our local schools. For more information, click here.