Committee Vice President

Chris Langan

Lamp Rynearson and Associates, Inc.

Committee Chair

Brec Wilshusen

SolidEn Engineering & Consulting


Directory of Member Companies and Organizations:

Explanation of the Readiness Committee Responsibilities:

PDF: Readiness Committee Responsibilities

Omaha Post's Readiness Plan:

PDF: Readiness Report

HTML: Readiness Report

Readiness Plan

Resilience Committee Overview

Committee Charter

  • Fostering professional association amongst all those interested in engineering solutions for national security;
  • Expand the capacity of government and industry to respond to emergencies and catastrophies;
  • In short, to consider and develop means to assist the nation in maintaining a capability to mobilize quickly and effectively.

Committee Objectives

  • Objective #1 Advance Military Engineering through professional education and training
  • Objective #2 Promote partnering between military and civilian communities to facilitate engineering capabilities that will lead to a robust military and civilian engineering readiness response capability membership and broadening their opportunities.
  • Objective #3 Facilitate b and effective Post Readiness Program

Streamer Criterion

  • Operate a Post Readiness Committee
  • Establish/maintain a viable, interactive readiness program among all the available local, state, federal and civilian entities in the Post area
  • Conduct Programs on Readiness
  • Be Actively Involved in Planning for Disaster/Contingency Exercises and/or Actual Contingency Operations


One of our major initiatives in Readiness has been development of FAST START plans, which are interactive readiness programs which endeavor to link all available local, state, federal and civilian entities in a Post's area.

Directory of Member Companies and Organizations:

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